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100% Real life sex doll Bonita – Fliphole & Lingerie worth $120 free


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Bonita is a beautifully designed and well structured sex doll that can withstand heavy weights. Her perfectly silicone implanted breasted and curvy body can make any man arouse in no time. The vaginal opening is anatomically correct and the looks are to die for.

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Bonita is like a flame of desire that can fire up any lonely heart and can be the apple of your eye. Her ravishing beauty from her lovelorn face to her wide inviting mouth and silicone implanted perky breasts and vagina will not only blow your mind, but she can also withstand a pressure of about 300 pounds. Therefore, no matter whether you are heavy on weight, she will always be welcoming you anytime, anyplace. Bonita is a real life sex doll made up of partial silicon material with human skin like texture and flexible limbs to be positioned in any manner in order to fulfill your wildest dreams. There will be no more days when your bed will be cold with loneliness when Bonita is in your life. You will stand in awe and “horny” when you will witness Bonita’s sizzling figure, her perfectly proportioned body stats, her sexy curves around her butt and slender waist sloping down to her alluring silicone pussy.

Our manufacturer has made her semi inflatable with a kind of silicone material that easily emulates human skin and her perfect figure to simulate real women. She looks seductive and you just feel wanted when caressing her luscious figure. You can also look for a full size sex doll from dolljunction


Why Buy Real life Sex doll Bonita?

  •         Bonita is an unapologising seductress who will always be craving to have more of you
  •         She will never be unfaithful and will obey your every awkward moves.
  •         No risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases nor you require condoms with Bonita.
  •         You can store her easily so you can always hide her from those prying eyes

You are sexually frustrated or not, Bonita can lure the sexual flame out of you. Try this beautiful lady in your bed room, garden and wherever you fantasize your sexual life. Bonita, the silicone mistress and probably the best sexual partner of your life is now waiting for your companionship.

2 reviews for 100% Real life sex doll Bonita – Fliphole & Lingerie worth $120 free

  1. 5 out of 5

    She is the best sex doll I ever bought and I cannot take my eyes off her. She is beautiful beyond description with perfectly implanted breasts and body structure.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bonita is that sexy seductress that every man desires. Oh! she is incredible and I have to keep reminding myself that Bonita isn’t real.

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